Our Mission

Rise Up Higher is a creative non-profit that uses music as a platform to inspire youth and to amplify community voice. 

Our Vision

Rise Up Higher uses music as a tool to inspire youth to live with passion and purpose, to be critical thinkers, and to be leaders within their peer group and community. Rise Up Higher also uses music as a platform to bring awareness to and support various social justice and community driven causes and initiatives.


Founded by Detroit based hip-hop artist Nique Love Rhodes along with her band The NLR Experience, Rise Up Higher was birthed after several instances where fans would express to the band after performances that their music had inspired them to "do something meaningful" in their community. Named after the band's anthemic song "Rise Up," Rise Up Higher seeks to take the songs themes — overcoming obstacles, perseverance, and proactiveness —  channeling them into real-world actions.  As an extension of Nique's music, Rise Up Higher focuses on Nique's two passion areas: youth engagement and community advocacy. Nique Love Rhodes & The NLR Experience believes that music can be used to elevate positive vibrations within the universal collective conscience, therefore, it is ultimately a powerful tool for social good. Rise Up Higher is simply an outward manifestation of this philosophy.


Music Inspires.

We believe that a life inspired can change the world. We believe that the key of achieving one’s greatest potential is living a life of passion and purpose. We believe that creative expression, specifically through music, is essential to developing a healthy sense of identity, learning how to work collaboratively, and be critical thinkers in society.

Music Motivates.

We believe in being resilient in spite of present circumstances. We believe that a zip code does not determine life outcome. We believe in being anomalies and not statistics. Music provides the soundtrack for everyday people who defy the odds everyday that they breathe.

Music Activates.

We believe that music has always set the tone for major social movements whether it was the fight for civil rights in the 1950s and 60s, the Peace Movement of the 1970s, or the Black Lives Matter and Me Too movements of present day. Artists have always served as activists using their art to give universal voice and feeling to the movement of the time. We believe in the responsibility of musicians to be active participants in making positive social impact in their communities and using their platform to advocate for social justice and equality for all people.

our programs

Youth Programming

Against All OddS

A 12 week series that uses hip-hop to teache character development and leadership. Can be modified to fit any recurring schedule. Topics include: identity, values, seeing the bigger picture, goal setting, decision making, taking risks, self-care, healthy relationships, communication, conflict Resolution, and media literacy.

NLR Assemblies

Nique Love Rhodes offers motivational and uplifting assemblies on a specific topic at your school or youth group. Presentation also includes a performance, and music lessons for those interested in music. RUH provides all of the sound needs for the presentation. Topics include: 

For teens:

  • Inclusivity/Peace

  • Living With Purpose

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Substance Abuse Prevention

For college/adults:

  • Diversity/Spiritual Inclusivity/Peace

  • Social Justice & Activism

  • Hip-Hop Culture as Social Commentary

  • Living With Purpose

Community Programs (Coming 2020)

We All Want the Same Thing

Intentional partnering with local grassroots organizations who are actively doing the work to bring awareness to and solve problems focused on the causes that we care about. This includes performing at and hosting benefit concerts to highlight and amplify the wok of RUH supported organizations.

Love Heals All

Simple campaigns promoting good deeds, empathy, compassion, and practical ways to be advocates for various social causes that we care about.

Positive Vibes Only Festival

A one day festival promoting peace, unity, and social justice held during the International Day of Peace. 

Causes We Support

Equitable & Innovative Youth Education

Racial & Cultural Reconciliation & Equality

Women's Rights & Equality

Criminal Justice Reform

Civic Engagement

Mental Health Awareness

Healthy Living & Eating

Poverty & Homelessness